Jerad Merbitz and Chris Johnson, 2 best friends from Florida’s Space Coast, had a dream of inspiring people to express their faith in a winsome and compelling way, specifically through inspirational fashion.  Jerad had long wanted to pursue creating a Christian clothing line, and God made it very clear to Jerad in 2017 that the time was right to step out and pursue it. In Jerad’s words, “About 10 years ago I had it on my heart to start a Christian clothing company, but more focused on golf apparel.  So I prayed about it and I felt like God said, “Not yet.” 

Fast-forward 9 years and while working at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center as an engineer, a normal day became an unforgettable one as Jerad started thinking about the dream.  “It was like the Holy Spirit said, ‘Today’s a good day!’ and Jerad immediately texted Chris, a local pastor and worship leader, asking for help sharing in the dream of what it could become.  “So … what’s the name gonna be?” - these words are what Jerad texted Chris that very moment and it didn’t take long for them to hit the ground running, praying, and planning.

There were many conversations over dinner, at church, and over text until this prayerful creative process brought Jerad and Chris and their wives to envision premium clothing that encouraged people to boldly raise their God-given voice to make a difference.  With a passion to see people “Live Bravely, Love Boldly, and Roar Loudly” and a common love for lions and their symbolic strength, they set out to help people embrace the life-giving truth of the scripture found in Proverbs 28:1 which says, “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.”  They envisioned a community of people who wanted to wear clothing that would mirror on the outside what God had placed on the inside … a righteous courage (or as Chris likes to call it, “Godfidence”) to speak up in word and deed for the things that matter.

Whether it’s loving God and their families with intention, serving others, praying for the hurting, encouraging others, or just being their best and boldest selves through everyday life, Jerad and Chris have a dream to see every person find their God-given voice and to empower and encourage them to unleash it to make a difference for the glory of God and the benefit of others.  Our prayer is that this clothing line with help be a vehicle for just that. And that together, the world would WATCH US ROAR.